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The Vacation Nanny provides temporary childcare services in the home of the family or hotel the family may be staying as is sometimes the case. The Vacation Nanny is willing to travel with the family on business travel or vacations and to help take care of the children.

The Vacation Nanny is both responsible and fun, whether it is to reinforce the "1 hour only on the computer" rule or ice-skating it is all about the kids. I know that every parent wants to leave their children in capable hands whether it's for an hour or a week but they also want the children to have a good time with the caregiver. I make sure that the children get a good balance in everything, museums, whale watching cruises, homework, arts and crafts, swimming/soccer practice drop off and pick-up, or any number of children's projects and activities, as long as it is within the parental comfort zone. It is all personalized childcare service.

I am the sole provider of the childcare services and this means that whether you use me once or repeatedly, you will get quality service. My services are restricted to childcare only, this means that I do anything and everything that has to do with the children, nothing more, nothing less.

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