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Take your dream vacation and leave your children with the Vacation Nanny!
A Nanny is no longer a Mary Poppins fairy tale. The Vacation Nanny is today's superior alternative for child-care.

Other Services Include;

Night Nanny (Infants)
The Vacation Nanny will be happy to spend the night in your home and assist with middle of the night care. Helping to change a diaper, bringing the baby to nurse, feeding the baby a bottle, and comforting the baby. The Vacation Nanny will also help in transitioning the baby to sleep through the night while mom and dad try to get a few extra hours of sleep.

Day Nanny (Short Term)
Sometimes you only need a nanny for a day or two or because it is school vacation week or two. The Vacation Nanny will come and help with the day to day activities with the children. Drive the children to museums, ballet lessons soccer or swim practice or with lessons planning as well as entertaining the children with fun as well as educational games. Maybe you have a conference in town and you need someone to care for your child while staying at a hotel, call on the Vacation Nanny for all your childcare needs.

Travel Nanny
Taking a family trip and need a responsible person to accompany you and help with the children? Let the Vacation Nanny bring her professionalism along to aid in childcare services, escort children to the pool, or out to a restaurant and even babysit at night so the parents can go out with the comfort of knowing the children are nearby.

The Vacation Nanny will come and babysit for a few hours during the day or night while the parents go out.

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